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High School Scholarship Program

While primary education in Lesotho is free, high school tuition and related costs are not and are a challenge for most families in the Qholaqhoe Mountain communities. Many cannot afford the yearly expense of $250 USD and in addition, find themselves dependent upon their children for much of the necessary daily work required to survive.
The purpose of our high school program is to provide scholarship assistance to students from the eight Qholaqhoe Mountain villages. QMC offers these scholarships to highly motivated students, as identified by teachers and administrators, whose families would not be able to send them to school without our financial assistance. Parents are justifiably proud when their children are presented with a QMC scholarship.
Sponsors here in the United States provide the funding for each of the scholarships awarded. Letters are exchanged four times a year, thus allowing sponsors to keep in touch with their students, and the students to learn a bit about our families and cultural traditions here in the United States.

The cost of a sponsorship is $250 a year and provides tuition, books and testing fees.

To learn more about becoming a sponsor contact us