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Your donation will help provide an education to the children ofQholaqhoe Mountain, Lesotho. It is a gift of hope and of opportunity.

All donations are placed in a US bank account and 100% of the funds are spent to benefit the children of Lesotho. Board members receive no salary for their work.


Qholaqhoe Mountain Connections is a 501(c)3 organization.

QHS Scholarships awarded to 636 students in the past 12 years

More than 48 individuals and groups from across the United States sponsor a high school student each year, and most remain with their student throughout their high school years and some offer support for university level studies.
Our college scholarship program has been met with great enthusiasm by the Qholaqhoe community. We depend upon our donor’s generosity to maintain its success.

College scholarships awarded 2016-2022

    2016-2017 - 3 students
    2017-2018 - 3 students
    2018-2019 - 6 students
    2019-2020 - 6 students
    2020-2021 - 8 students
    2021-2022 - 7 students
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Support us through the QMC-Amazon Charity Partnership

When you make a purchase on Amazon you can designate QMC as your charity of choice and we will receive 0.5% of the purchase price.
Initially go to, which automatically designates QMC. Start each shopping session at

Thank you!

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