College Scholarship Program

The Community College Scholarship Program was created by QMC in 2016 in order to provide a few stellar students with the funding required to attend college or university within their country. QMC awards scholarships to four different colleges within Lesotho: The National University of Lesotho, Lesotho Agriculture College, Maluti Hospital Nursing College and the National Health Training College.  
QMC will support a maximum of 8 students a year. Individual scholarships remain in effect as long as the recipient maintains passing grades, lives on campus and attends classes regularly.

The Qholaqhoe community is actively involved in the process, both recommending and supporting scholarship students.  They also help provide transportation and clothing.

It is a challenging transition for our students. They leave behind their families and the rural, farming life that they have always known and head to a college or university campus, complete with dorm rooms, cafeterias, computer labs and modern classrooms. Life is certainly very different, being vibrant, exciting and challenging all at the same time. It is delightful to see how well our students have adapted to university life, both academically and socially. They work hard and strive to do well in their studies.
2021- 2022 QMC College Scholarship Recipients
Paulosi Tema, 2nd year, BA Political Science and Public Administration, National University of Lesotho
Paulosi has long had a "passion for learning”. "I always did well in school.  I knew I would do what was right for myself and I did not bend to peer pressure.  I studied hard by myself and some teachers like Khauta, MPhomeli, Tlai Lengala, they helped me.  When I won first place in the United Nations essay contest I was invited to attend a dinner and met many good people.  We have developed a cooperative for people over age 18 and under 35.  We meet here at NUL once a month.  We are studying crops, livestock, poultry.  Our goal is to know how to get employment and earn a living.”  
Itumeleng Lengala, 4th year, Law, National University of Lesotho

Itumeleng is a serious and very focused student.  She said law school has not been difficult.  Her biggest challenge has been on-line learning during the pandemic, without classroom lectures. She studies every night with Karabo, also a QMC scholarship student and fellow 4th year law student. Itumeleng said that it has been helpful living on campus as she and  Karabo have access to the library and professors.
Karabo Tjoobe, 4th year, Law, National University of Lesotho

Karabo has done well in the law program at NUL. She is focused and is a leader in the QMC group at the university.  She has a 4 year old son who is being raised by her grandmother, as she was also raised.  She has great ambitions which include helping her grandparents and being with her son full time.

Home Mota, 2nd year, Social Work, National University of Lesotho

He entered NUL at the beginning of COVID shut down in 2020 and has not yet attended an in-person class.  He found on-line learning very difficult, especially when he was not on campus and had no access to internet at home.  He said his grades were good because his older brother helped him.  He is happy to now be living on campus. He says his family loves him so much that he must do well to honor them.

Mapula Talime, 3rd year, Social Work, National University of Lesotho

Mapula tells us that she had a very hard time with on-line learning during the start of the pandemic but has adjusted now.  She loved her 6 month internship at Seboche Hospital (near Qholaqhoe High School) and it brought all of her book learning alive.  She feels this year will be better because there will be more in-person, physical class time 2-3 times a week.  She regrets that she can’t keep in contact with her family because they have no phones.  

Kananelo Bohome, 3rd year, Social Work, National University of Lesotho

Kananelo has had some trouble academically. Determined, after failing some of her courses, she took supplementary exams and was able to pass.  She did well in her practical at Seboche Hospital and said that actually working with patients and counseling them helped her discipline herself.  
Her mother and father both work in South Africa and rarely come home.  Before university she lived alone with her brother, but had her grandparents nearby.

Moeling Ts’oaenyana, 4th year, Humanities, National University of Lesotho

Moeling is really into football (soccer) but realizes that this year, his final year, he cannot play as much as in the past.  He received D’s in some classes and was very embarrassed to admit to receiving such marks.   He is committed to focusing more on study time and go to his labs regularly.

Sejohana Sejohana, 1st year, Agriculture, Lesotho Agriculture College

Sejohana has an intense interest in agriculture and in improving the agricultural practices of his country. He is thus excited to be able to attend Lesotho Agriculture College through the QMC scholarship program, as it would have been impossible for him to attend otherwise.
He looks forward to the good study programs offered to him and has already begun an agriculture project

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